Find Mid of Two Points in AutoCAD

Ever wondered how to find the mid point of two points in AutoCAD.

Say, you have two parallel lines at an unknown distance and you have to draw a line on equal distance from both. How to do this.

Use MTP command.

While executing any command you can type MTP at the command line or dynamic cursor and pick two points which you need to find the mid of.Here in example I will use line command :

Command: line
Specify first point: mtp
First point of mid: Second point of mid:
Specify next point or [Undo]:

Without this command, to find the mid of two points you will have to :
Draw a line joining both the points
In next command you will be able to snap the midpoint of the line.
Erase the line drawn to join both the points if not required.
So, Firends start using MTP to save your time and keystrokes.

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Happy Learning..